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New to Club - What to expect from the season.

  1. What to expect from the season?
    1. Do not expect that your club fee buys you playing time at a tournament.  Most clubs have a published guideline for playing time, but no club guarantees equal playing time for all girls.
    2. Many teams will have multiple team bonding events.  Your daughter will most likely become very close with the girls on the team.
    3. Expect tournaments to take all day, and expect tournaments to take up a many weekends from Jan to May. (be sure to check out how many events your club will be playing in).  Plan on having a tournament on Grandma’s birthday or some other traditional family event that you have not missed in 15 years (Such as Easter Sunday).  Holiday weekends are usually tournament weekends!
    4. Understand the philosophy of the head coach with regards to playing time and practice time.  Every team will have girls that do not play much.  If that does not sit well with you, be sure to understand what you are accepting.
    5. Plan on getting to know the other parents on the team very well.  Just as the girls will bond with their teammates, parents will also bond during the season.  Sometimes parents can have fun with each other, and other times parents can cause extra drama.  Be ready for both.