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Quiana Griffin

Coach Quiana's Bio

"Volleyball has shaped me into the woman I am today. Hard work and determination on the court helped me better myself of the court! THAT IS WHY I LOVE IT."

Coach Quiana, a Virginia Beach native, is entering her third year with Outbreak, her first year she was an assistant coach for 17 Black, then year two, head coach for 16 White, this year she is an assistant coach for 17 White under Coach Keith. 

Quiana volleyball journey started in middle school, and she has been playing competitive volleyball since then.  Playing middle school, JV, HS then in college. Currently she is entering her senior year at Norfolk State University where she is a Div I Student Athlete as a psychology major who wants to become a sports psychologist. Coach was also an active travel volleyball player.

Coach Quiana LOVES to coach and loves to teach people new things! She also has a great love for food :). 

17 White Assistant