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Guide to Recruiting

Some think your daughter will not be recruited to play volleyball after high school if she plays at Outbreak.

This isn't true. 

When you understand what is required to play in college you will understand you can be recruited from any club. You need to ensure you pick the club that is right for you.

When we have players who want to play in college, we help those players. We have a Division I volleyball coach on staff who ran and still runs the first layer of recruiting for his program.  When a player wants to move to the next level - all of that knowledge and experience is available to the player who wants it. 

Nothing is given unless desire and effort is shown by the player.

If a player isn't willing to do work to be recruited, are they going to do the work to stay on the team? Become a starter? Keep up their grades? If a player doesn't do the simple things to prepare to get recruited, then it makes coaches wonder if they will do the work when they arrive at school.

This page will be slowly updated with information which should be very helpful for anyone looking to move on after high school. Also Coach Keith holds 1 to 2 recruiting seminar per year (when it is needed).

Go Outbreak!!

Some Links While We Build This Page.

NCAA Eligibility Center - if you are looking to possibly play volleyball at the Division I or Division II level you are REQUIRED to register with the NCAA via the eligibility center. You can wait till your junior year, but if you want to be seen you really need to get this done ASAP.  [For help with registering - click here - it will take you to the NCAA's website]

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball 2020-21 Recruiting Calendar - Flyer the NCAA produces - good stuff!

Recruiting - a good guide - NCAA's website designed for Future Student Athletes. Great source for information. [NOTE: be sure to look at links on the right]

NCSA's NCAA Volleyball Recruiting Rules and Calendar - this is another website that is a great resource. It is a site that has a membership, but has an abundance of free information [we like the free - recommend you take advantage of free]